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Am I eligible to get the VAST™ service?

The VAST™ service can now be accessed by eligible viewers in all states.

Access to Commercial TV services is subject to an eligibility test that takes into account commercial television licence areas and availability of conventional terrestrial television services at your location.

There are four categories of viewers eligible to access Commercial TV on VAST™:

  • Viewers in the Remote Central & Eastern Australia Licence Area: View Map
  • Viewers in Television Black Spot areas.
  • Viewers in regional and metropolitan areas served by normal terrestrial TV services but who are unable to receive TV after digital switchover. As digital switchover rolls out across Australia, regional and metropolitan viewers who will not be able to receive television after switchover can apply for VAST™ access 6 months prior to switchover.
  • Travellers: people travelling in caravans or motor homes in Remote Central and Eastern Australia are eligible to apply for temporary access to Commercial TV on VAST™.
    Click here for Travellers Application

You may also submit an application and seek pre-approval before purchasing a decoder. Please follow the instructions on the VAST™ application form.

If you are not eligible to receive the commercial TV services on VAST™, you may still be able to receive ABC and SBS in your location. You can select this option during the registration process.

How can I check if I'm eligible?

  1. Click the “Yes, I want to register or check my eligibility, click here.” Button at the bottom of this page. You will be taken to the mySwitch Digital Ready website for a Terrestrial TV coverage assessment of your address.
  2. Enter your address and post code in the search address field and click "go".
  3. Your location will be marked by a pin on the map. If its not in the correct location drag the pin to the correct spot
  4. Refer to the “Satellite Eligibility (VAST™)” or 'Looking to change to satellite?' section to display information about receiving VAST™ at your location.
  5. If you have a VAST™ set-top box and wish to register it, follow the prompts in the information window.

Application Process

For a visual guide to using the mySwitch website to start a VAST™ application Click Here