The VAST™ Self Service Line has recently been updated. Please review the services offered at Self Service

Signal But No Services?

1st step WAIT. Decoders that haven't been used for a while will take a while to receive updated authorization codes from the satellite. This may take over 30 minutes but it usally is a lot quicker. Leave the decoder powered up and connected to the satellite dish with a good signal.

Rehiting Your Smartcard

If you have previously had access to the VAST™ services but have either lost all the services due to an unknown fault or because your decoder was not powered up at the time of registration please visit - here for decoder rehit.
The Rehit process rehits or refreshes the information on the decoder smartcard.

Finding The VAST™ Decoder Smartcard

This document includes photos to show the location of the decoder smartcard - Finding the Decoder Smartcard?

Common Error Codes

E50-32 or E52-32
No services found please rescan

This indicates that your decoder is not receiving any signal. This may be due to bad weather or a faulty connection in the installation. Please also confirm that your satellite dish is pointing to the OPTUS C1 Satellite at 156 degrees east. NOTE: This is not an issue with your smartcard. If signal does not appear please contact the installer, and then set-top box manufacture to confirm the issue (see below for contact details).

Subscription Status Expired

This is a common error for travellers and remote viewers who's system has already been activated and working but have not used their VAST™ decoder for some time. This arises due to the security information contained on the smart card expiring. There are two options to recover from this error:

  1. Leave the decoder turned on and the information on the smart card will be updated to restore all of the activated services. The decoder usually recovers within a couple of hours.
  2. Reactivate the smart card by entering the smart card details here.
Smartcard Failure

Displayed if an invalid smart card is inserted or if the card is incorrectly inserted. Ensure the card is inserted with the contacts towards the Set top box and on the underside. If you can confirm the correct orientation of the smartcard please contact the set-top box manufactures for troubleshooting.

The smartcard is not fully authorized

Please reactivate your smartcard by referring to ‘Reactivating Your Smartcard’

No permission to view this channel

Please ensure you have registered your smartcard. If you have already done so please be aware that there is a 48hour processing time. You can also call 1300 993 376 for more information.

Registering New or Replacement Decoders

If you have an existing registration and

  • want to add a new decoder
  • replace a faulty decoder

Please use the VAST™ Enquiry Form and let us know the smartcard number of your existing and new or replacement decoders. Also let us know if any decoders are faulty. If you don't want to use the Enquiry Form you may call or email VAST™ with the same information.

VAST™ Certified Decoder Manufacturers

Listed below are the Manufacturers of the Certified VAST™ decoders / set-top boxes. Please note the VAST™ Call Centre does not supply or repair decoders. For all warranty or repairs related to decoders, please contact the decoder manufacturer, or your local installer or retailer.

UEC (NAS Australia)

Phone: 07 3015 8789


Website: UEC Support


Ph: 03 9553 3399