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The VAST Self Service Line has recently been updated. Please review the services offered at Self Service


VAST Satellite Decoder Rehit

Please use this Decoder Rehit page if your decoder has lost the services that were previously working.
Please also try the Reset button on your decoder.
  • This may be required if your decoder has been turned off for a long time, or your decoder has lost the services due to another issue - rain fade or other loss of signal.
  • This process will only apply the currently approved and activated services.
  • Travellers with lost services may have to apply for a temporary certificate renewal and/or wait for renewal processing. Traveller's Renewal
  • Decoder registrations waiting for processing will not be activated until approved. Please wait for processing.
  • The rehit will only reach the decoder if the decoder is already
    1. Setup
    2. Receiving the satellite signal
    3. A valid smartcard correctly inserted
    4. Can access VAST Information page on Ch 800

A decoder rehit can also be sent using the VAST Self Service phone line, available 24/7. Self Service Information

  * - Denotes required information
Smart Card No:  *
Error code:  If your decoder is displaying an error code on your television please add it here.
More Information
Please read the information on this website, including this Information and Troubleshooting.
Check the Eligibility section and when ready apply here for Household installations or here for Travellers.
The Government Subsidy scheme for VAST is now finalised and the call centre closed.
For further information regarding VAST refer to ACMA.
Call Centre Ph: 1300 993 376
Hours: 8:00 - 4:30 (AEST) business days
Please note - VAST Call Centre only provides support for decoder registration and activation.
Please consult your decoder supplier, installer or manufacturer for any technical issues.
For Registration and Activation of smartcards, please call 1300 993 376 weekdays from 9:00am to 4:30pm (AEST)
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